Will You Still Need To Use BT To Connect To The National “Backbone”?

Probably. There is an extensive high speed fibre network laid between major centres across the UK – usually along trunk roads and railways – and we will have to link into one or more of these for our system to connect to the outside world. BT’s network division (Openreach) owns and operates most of these links but other suppliers and organisations have laid their own fibre that may also be available to us. You may hear us referring to this as “backhaul” – the name industry has given it. The availability, location and capacity of potential backhaul connection points is difficult to determine. These networks are privately owned, and data about them is commercially sensitive and not published, so we don’t yet know where these connections are likely to be made. This will be one of the most important issues for the project, and will be a key responsibility for the successful supplier to resolve.