Who Is Behind Borders Broadband (formerly Ettrick And Beyond) ?

Many communities in the project area were concerned about the lack of broadband access and some of them started local projects some years ago to see what they could do about it. CBS encouraged these groups to join up, to share the cost and effort of developing a viable project. The grouping now spans over 25 community Council areas, and is one of the biggest projects of its type in Scotland. The project takes part of it’s name from one of the earliest pioneers – Ettrick. There is a steering group, made up of community representatives (open to everyone) that decides the overall direction for the project. We have set up a formal Board to manage the process of tendering for services, and plan to appoint a Project Manager and technical advisors shortly, to co-ordinate the work with CBS. Otherwise all of the work is being done by volunteers. We expect to set up a community company or charity in 2017 that – if we decide we want it - will ultimately own and operate the network on your behalf.

See our Who's Who to see the volunteers leading the project.