Is VOIP Right For Me?

Maybe. The pros and cons of a VOIP vs. a BT landline depend a lot on what you use your phone for, and how many calls you make. Ultimately the choice will have to be yours. Some things to consider:

  • If you make a lot of calls, a BT phone-only package may still be cheapest, even with line rental.
  • If you need to make a 999 call, a BT line (with an old fashioned handset) will keep going in a power cut – power to the phone comes over the line. VOIP will probably fail in a power cut.
  • Emergency services wouldn’t be able to trace your physical location from a VOIP call, although some providers allow you to register your VOIP number with an address for 999 calls, just in case.
  • Your caller id (the number seen by the recipient) might not match your local number. How this works will depend on your VOIP supplier, and how they configure things. This may be an issue for Businesses.
  • Some VOIP suppliers give you tools to help manage nuisance calls (fees may apply).