I have an email account with my current internet provider. Can I keep it ?

Maybe – it will depend on your supplier. For example, if you have an email account with BT (such as a btinternet.co.uk or btconnect.com address ) then this is linked to your broadband contract with BT. If you switch to another provider (like the service we hope to provide) you could lose your current email account. 

That said, we understand that BT’s policy at the time of writing (Nov 2016) is to allow you to keep your email account open even if you switch to another provider – but this may change this in future. We don’t expect to provide an email service to go with our network as there are really good free ones out there, like gmail.com and outlook.com that can run on any network. You will probably have to switch to one of these if you decide to opt for superfast broadband on the new network, when it’s available. We recommend you have a think about changing to a “neutral” email provider in good time – in fact, you might want to start that now.