How Will It Compare To Satellite?

Satellite is an excellent stop gap if there’s nothing better, but it tends to be an expensive solution especially if you need to send or receive a lot of data. Latency (the delay between sending a signal, and its arrival) is much higher with Satellite and can affect applications such as video conversations (eg SkyPE), VOIP telephone calls and on-line gaming, making these services frustrating and in some cases, almost unusable. Some people may consider getting a satellite solution as a stop-gap until Borders Broadband roll out our solution. We aim to start services from early 2018, and for roll-out to be completed later that year. Be aware that a satellite provider may contract you for a minimum period which could extend into a time period where you could get our solution. Satellite providers often include a Fibre-escape clause which may provide you with a way out when our solution is live. Check with your chosen satellite internet provider.