How Will Borders Broadband Deliver The Service?

We will seek proposals to design, plan, build and operate the system from experienced telecom suppliers. We can choose to own the network ourselves as a community asset and after the first 7 years run it ourselves as a community-owned business (although this may be quite onerous). Alternatively, the telecom supplier could own the network and provide the service commercially, so we can step back from any operational responsibility.

Working with CBS, we’ll develop a contract focused on the service and quality to be provided, not so much the means of doing so – we think this is best approach. As this will be a public tendering process, we have to be “technology neutral” anyway. We’ll be using a tendering process called “Competitive procedure with negotiation” that will allow us to speak to telcom suppliers as they develop their ideas, and collaborate with them to develop proposals that give them maximum flexibility to offer their best solution, while still meeting our requirements.

As a consequence we won’t know what technology will be used to provide the service until bids are received, negotiations are complete and we have selected the successful tender(s) towards the end of 2017. As this is a community project we hope that locals will support this initiative not just by subscribing to the services (if they want to) but also by helping facilitate delivering services – particularly to those harder to reach properties in the area. This might be through help-in-kind, free wayleave agreements for access and cabling, and contributing land for repeater stations for wireless mast sites etc.